Regular Egg Rolls


Minimum order: 50

Deep-Fried Roll Paper with ground pork, Shrimp, Carrots serve with Chilli sweet and sour sauce

Fried Chicken Wings


Minimum order: 15

Your choice sauces: fish sauce, Tamarind sauce, barbecue sauce, or no sauce.

Fried Tofu


Minimum order: 15

Deep-fried Tofu with green onion server with sweet and sour sauce

Spring Rolls

4.95/ order

minimum orders: 25

Fresh rice paper wrapped with Shrimp. Lettuce, vermicelli, basil served with peanut sauce or sweet-sour fish sauce.

Grill Rolls

5.95/ order

minimum orders: 25

Grills  Chicken or Grill Pork (as your choice)  wrapped with fresh rice paper, bean sprout, vermicelli, lettuce, served with sweet-sour fish sauce.

Tofu Rolls

3.95 /order

minimum order: 25

Fresh rice paper wrapped with deep-fried tofu, lettuce, vermicelli, basil served with peanut sauce, or sweet-sour fish sauce.

House Fresh Roll Platter


Minimum order: 15

Combine with  Grill Chicken and Grill Pork Rolls, Spring Rolls, tofu rolls serve with peanut and sweet sours fish sauce.



Minimum order: 15

Come with eggs noodle, onion, bean sprout, carrot, garlic, and special sauce. The meat of your choice: BBQ Pork, Chicken, Tofu, mix season vegetables.

Beef Chowmein: 9.95 per order

Shrimp Chowmein: 10.95 per order

Special Chownmien: 11.95 per order (Combine BBQ Pork, Chicken and Shrimp)


Minimum order: 15

Beef Pad Thai: 8.95 per order

Shrimp Pad Thai: 9.95 per order

Chicken pad Thai: 8.95 per order (Combine BBQ Pork, Chicken and Shrimp)

 *Your choice the spicy from 1 to 5  Chili Star


Minimum order: 15

French Baguette, Cucumber, Carrot, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Onion, Lettuce, Mayo and sauce.

Regular  Pork Sandwich: 4.95 per order

Charge Grill Pork or  Grill Chicken: 5.95 per order

Spicy Shredded Chicken: 5.95 per order

Ribeye Beef Steak Sandwich: 6.95 per order

Tofu Sandwich: 4.95 per order


Minimum order: 10

BBQ Pork fried rice: 9.95 per order

Beef Fried Rice: 10.95 per order

Chicken Fried Rice: 9.95 per order

Special Fried Rice: 12.95 per order (Combine BBQ Pork, Shrimp, and Chicken.)


Minimum order: 10

Sweet and sour Pork: 10.00 per order

Grills Beef Short Rib: 12.00 per order

Mongolian Beef: 10.00 per order

Shaken Beef: 12.00 per order

Lemongrass Beef: 9.95 per order

Ginger Beef : 9.95 per order

-Beef Stew ( Vietnamese Style): 10.95 per order


Minimum order: 15

Steam cook with special curry sauce, carrot, potatoes, lemongrass, curry leaf, French Baguette.

Chicken Curry: 12.95 per order

Beef Curry: 13.95 per order